Get Witchy - Digital Monastery's latest C64 game features more than just a Witch!

I'm not one for going trick or treating but what I really like about Halloween is the fact we get lots of interesting games that come out that have that spooky theme which makes the day even more special. So here we come to the second game to be announced on Indie Retro News and that's ' Get Witchy '; a brand new game from Digital Monastery whereby playing as a witch riding a broom stick, that one single button can be friend or foe!

In this new game from our good friends Digital Monastery(Hokuto Force), you play as a witch and must avoid all the enemies in the level while collecting sweets to gain a fabulous high score and to beat all the others currently in the high score table! Beware however the music may be awesome, the graphics rather nice and sporting decent animation, but with only that one button controlling your flight and avoidance, it might be the best game ever or the most frustating you've ever played!

Credits :
Code: Majikeyric of Digital Monastery, Hokuto Force, Retrotech
Music: Uctumi of Hokuto Force, PVM
Graphics: Raffox of Asura, Digital Monastery, Hokuto Force, Magic Cap, Papposoft

Links :1) Source  2) Download 

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