Rygar - A classic game gets a graphical overhaul on the ZX Spectrum

Even more awesome gaming news as we've just learnt that Rygar the Legendary Warrior; a video game created and released by Tecmo in 1986 for the Arcades and later ported to the Sharp X68000, C64, ZX Spectrum, NES, Master System and Lynx, has been given a graphical overhaul on the ZX Spectrum! Yes you read that right, this side scrolling platformer which pits you against strange beasts, that was also given an amazing port on the Amiga(link), has now been much improved on the speccy!

Yes indeed this game of which so many people have played in the past on the Arcades or home systems, comes a new update which shows the ZX Spectrum version looking better than ever. It doesn't just feature new graphics, but according to the developer Ralkf, a new design to the levels! What a great start to 2020 indeed!

Links :1) Forum 2) Download

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