Colonos ZX - A new ZX Spectrum 48k game from JOSE MANUEL GRIS UMPIERREZ

Another Saberman heads up as he has told us JOSE MANUEL GRIS UMPIERREZ has released the Arcade/Platformer game of ' Colonos ZX ', which is available to download and play on a ZX Spectrum 48k. This game developed using AGD, is the latest enjoyable title to appear on our little Speccies, as in this game you need to survive against an uknown Martian race, as you try to find your rescue vehicle to escape from Mars.

In this fine but short little ZX Spectrum game from JOSE MANUEL GRIS UMPIERREZ, you must traverse each dangerous screen to collect keys that have been scattered underneath the planet Mars. Once this is complete and you have avoided all the nasty enemies spread throughout the levels, you must then find your Spaceship to escape this dangerous place... So Good luck!

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