QUOD INIT EXIT II - The sequel to a colourful C64 game gets a new teaser preview

In 2015 we gave a special mention to Retreams Arcade homebrew of ' QUOD INIT EXIT ', a C64 game that had a cute little pig, lots of fast moving fruit and was so colourful you would've been silly not to load it up through a C64 or an emulator called WinVICE. Thankfully it looks as if the team want to continue the piggy greatness, as not only is there a sequel coming of which we knew about previously, but a new preview has been released and a teaser video by Saberman!

As noted by the description : QUOD INIT EXIT IIm is a platformer with original mechanics, a few puzzle elements, and an unprecedented graphical engine. The game features a huge 2048x688 map
, colourful high resolution graphics, full screen gameplay, free-positional graphics, sub-pixel, 50 FPS scrolling, a smooth animated main character, cool background animations and finally is available to download from the main itcho website, with a detailed forum post linked below.

Links :1) Website 2) Forum 

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