Space Quest - A Son of Xenon - An unofficial fan made adventure prequel to Space Quest 1

Love playing Adventure games? Check! Love those old Kings Quest or Space Quest style 80's graphics? Check! Then 'Space Quest A Son of Xenon ' developed by Boston McShew is just the game for you. According to the creator "A Son of Xenon" is a non-profit fan-made adventure game and Space Quest prequel, with the look of Space Quest III which means  320x200 EGA graphics, a lot of dithering effects, while also having icon controls and advanced music.

As noted by the forum post (link), the plot starts on Roger’s home planet (shortly before Space Quest I) and we get to know a hardworking smart Roger, a true son of Xenon. Roger spends the first part of the game (other chapters will follow - hopefully) in his office and studio apartment. When Roger, ending up in a bar, meets a woman who is simply too gorgeous to be true, a story of love and betrayal unfolds and so begins the story of Space Quest - A Son of Xenon.

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  1. I cannot believe I am the first person to comment upon this work of genius. If any other reader stumbles upon this blogpost then DOWNLOAD THIS GAME NAO. You will thank me for it. Or maybe curse me.
    The only bits of unfairness happen where pixels are onscreen but you might not see the pixels. Usually the text tells you roughly where the pixels are but, not always.


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