Mystic Searches - An upcoming NES game that may be worth waiting for!

I thought to myself today it's been some time since we had any Zelda style games on Indie Retro News, but thankfully I've come across a game that doesn't only look like a Zelda development, but it almost looks like a high quality commercial release from the golden era of the NES. Welcome to Mystic Searches; a brand new upcoming game from The New 8-bit Heroes, in which they claim from their website : " The lore of this world is far beyond the scope of what can fit in the limited memory of an 8-bit NES cartridge."

Although a more detailed write up about the game can be found on their Kickstarter page which was a huge success hitting a $54,381 goal. According to PD " In this open journey through a unique fantasy world, the young vagabond musician Julian strives to avenge his mentor and undo the deceptive actions of the rogue sorceress Amriya. You must solve complex puzzles. Explore a mysterious mythology full of foreign races and monsters. Navigate through perilous platform adventures and much much more ".

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