Biscuits in Hell - A game originally on the ZX Spectrum is now on the Atari XL/XE

Even more Atari games to get through, as thanks to another heads up by Saberman, he has let us know that Paul Lay, Darryl Guenther and Jaden, has released the Atari XL/XE conversion of the ZX Spectrum game called 'Biscuits in Hell'; A game originally created by Dave Hughes that was also released as another conversion over to the C64 called Endless Forms Most Beautiful, which in itself was a game based around a 2020 remake by Locomalito.

In this hellish place you must collect all the biscuits across each level before moving on to the next. Biscuits in Hell is a a very challenging game that requires both skill and timing, as your character must traverse each platform collecting items, while also avoiding deadly traps and dangerous enemies that move in different directions. Be aware however that not all items are safe, and some if touched will be a planted bomb that may destroy your enemies and you as well!

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