PARSEC - A conversion of the TI-99/4A 1982 game over to the speccy

Conversions, ports and inspirations we certainly do like them on Indie Retro News, especially if they are very good such as the many Arcade developments on the C64. But today we have something slightly different, as going by a new video posted by Saberman, we now know that if you have a ZX Spectrum, you can download the latest game of 'PARSEC'; A conversion/port of the classic 1982 game by Texas Instruments that was released originally on the TI-99/4A computer.

The creator of the ZX Spectrum version has said that Parsec is a classic game developed by Jim Dramis and Paul Urbanus of Texas Instruments for the TI-99/4A computer in 1982, a computer that used hardware developed for minicomputers, to be the first 16-bit home system. He goes on to say, that there was a hope the game would appear on the ZX Spectrum, which it never did, so with the generous permission of Texas Instruments, he has created a version of this game for the Spectrum as close to the original as possible.

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