Relevo's Snowboarding - A seriously cool game for your MSX as a love-letter to classic Konami games

Although I've never had an MSX myself, I do love some of the homebrew titles that have come out for both the MSX and MSX2. Games such as The Menace from Triton, Yazzie, and Risky Rick are certainly worth a mention. Well this week one has got our attention and that's Relevo's Snowboarding; a brand new MSX release as a love-letter to those early MSX games created by Konami in the mid 80s. Small and simple but with great play-ability, colorful graphics and catchy tunes.

In this fine looking game called Relevo Snowboarding World Championship, you must snowboard your way through a total of 16 different stages, using your skills and talent to not only race against the clock, but mastering awesome styles such as special freestyle tricks. The game features not just smooth frame rates, but as the developer says " the tracks are beautiful and challenging " and is a love letter to great sporting games such as Hyper Rally, Road Fighter, Antarctic Adventure, Sky Jaguar and many others.

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