Fantasy Puzzle Deluxe Edition BIG BOX for the Intellivision coming Nov/Dec 2020

Columns, Tetris and Puyo Puyo styled games are certainly back in fashion, especially with games being announced such as From Below, Landfill, and even the gameboy inspiration of Into the Blue. Well one game that's worthy of a mention and is coming in late Nov 2020 and possibly early December, is the upcoming game of 'Fantasy Puzzle'; a new Intellivision game by CoteGamers that is sure excite fans of that classic game Puyo Puyo.

According to the creators of this enjoyable looking game with its big and bold box art: Fantasy Puzzle is an original puzzle game that requires you to eliminate colored blocks by grouping them in sets of 6 in the way of the famous Puyo Puyo. They also go on to say the game offers 4 game modes, which includes free to play, timed play, battles against particular creatures, and a puzzler mode dedicated to reflection.

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