ROGER THE PANGOLIN - A new speccy game via WOOT! Tape Magazine Xmas edition

If you are looking for a new ZX Spectrum game that isn't a platformer, shooter or a challenging top down puzzler, then you might want to check out Jason J. Railton's new ZX Spectrum game of 'ROGER THE PANGOLIN IN 2020 KNURLED TOUR'; A brand new game with inspirations to such games as TrailBlazer which was recently released via the WOOT! Tape Magazine Xmas edition and published by Stonechat Productions.

Yes indeed if you loved games such as TrailBlazer or the more recently mentioned homebrew of  Yoomp, then this game for the ZX Spectrum might just the game for you. It features lovely ZX Spectrum detail, fast animated frames, it's extremely challenging the further you progress, and it also has 12 levels to keep you busy throughout.

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