L'abbaye Des Morts - Indie Retro News C64 Game of the Year 2019 goes free!

For many months we were talking about the fabulous C64 game 'L'abbaye Des Morts'; a game which was developed by Antonio Savona, with graphics, music, sfx by Saul Cross and Gryzor, full permission of Locomalito, as an Indie Retro News game of the year for 2019. Well if you haven't played the game now's your chance, because as of this week you can now download the game for free!

L'abbaye Des Morts is a game that no retro gamer should miss. As not only does it feature Hi-Resolution C64 graphics, but an incredible soundtrack by Gryzor and Saul Cross, 20 challenging rooms, 14 different types of enemies, eeeek A DRAGON!, Secret passages and hidden rooms, and finally best of all it's both PAL and NTSC compatible!

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