PiTrex Chess - An upcoming Chess game for your Vectrex gets a new video!

When I was a young lad my step dad used to always go on about Chess. He'd sit there for hours on end moving around pieces as if the end result would be some grand prize. It certainly wasn't my idea of fun as I was a video gamer anyway! Still if you are into Chess and have a Vectrix fitted with a PiTrex, you might like the look of this new game that's just been sent to our inbox called 'PiTrex Chess'; an upcoming game that's being developed by TheClassicsCoder. 

Although it is still early days for this game, the latest video above or linked (here) shows just how far the game has come in development from its early showing. As not only have the graphics been improved (The only flickering is now just during "thinking time"), but the animations and drawings are much smoother, the engine has been optimized to be faster, and the coder has also said further developments will be working on the user control and UI. So watch this space!

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