Thank you to everyone who keeps coming back to Indie Retro News!

It's incredible to think that Indie Retro News was started way back in 2011/12, as an idea to bring as many decent retro games as possible to a wider audience, instead of just forums. I mean heck I was even banned a few times for spamming almost every new game. Thankfully time has progressed since then, and not only has Indie Retro News been a global influence in the retro scene, but we've spoken to so many people online and shared gaming memories with our amazing readers, it's been a pleasure to be a part of this community even with its downer moments.

Fallouts with people I just couldn't get along with and having to deal with the very hard times of life noting family problems, and mental health issues(Autism"Aspergers",OCD,PTSD) certainly takes its toll. You just can't have a good day every day and be friends with everyone it just doesn't happen. On that note I also feel your suffering too. For over a year we've had to deal with Covid, and writing through a period of loss, family friends and close loved ones passing to Covid nearly wrecked everything. So my heart go out to you all, and I do feel your pain.

But as I said before I still feel writing on Indie Retro News was all the more worth it! So I just wanted to end this write up by saying thank you to the guest writers writing great reviews, thank to our Twitch streamers, thank you for taking the time to get involved (even if its just a comment), thank you to all of our patreon supporters, and well just thank you for everything you have done from the bottom of my retro Heart again and again... You are all awesome, every one of you!

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