Lost Realms of Murkasada Episode 1 - The first episode in the run up to the C64 game Crimson Twilight by Arkanix Labs

A rather surprising release today as it's the first episode of a series of companion games up until Crimson Twilight gets a release, is the first episode of a C64 game called 'Lost Realms Murkasada' by Arkanix Labs. This game available completely free through the CSdb site, is a short albeit enjoyable game, which can be completed in an evening as a companion adventure/rpg-lite using the world of their CRPG Crimson Twilight.

According to the creators not only is this game an action adventure/RPG set in the same world and will take place over a series of 'episodes', released periodically in the build up to the big release of their upcoming game Crimson Twilight, but these short episodes are designed to be fun little adventures and an introduction of sorts to CRPG's to those people who may not necessarily have played CRPG style games before.

Links :1) Discussion 2) Source 3) Download

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