Galaxian on the C64 really looks like a fantastic conversion/port by Arlasoft

Galaxian has appeared on Indie Retro News a few times over the years, especially as it is one particular Arcade classic that homebrew developers love making clones of with special effects and bonus power ups added. Well this time we are going back to the original hit from 1979, as Arlasoft has yanked the retro shoot em up classic over to the C64 with all the nostalgia intact such as the sound effects and animated enemy waves.

According to the wikpedia for this game "Galaxian was Namco's first major arcade video game hit. It was the second highest-grossing arcade game of 1979 and 1980 in Japan, and the second highest-grossing arcade game of 1980 in the United States, where it became one of the best-selling arcade games of all time with 50,000 arcade units sold by 1982. The game was celebrated for its gameplay and usage of true color graphics". So yes certainly a great game for the C64, and more so when it has been released by the same creator who developed the Galaga, Taz and even the Fast Food ports.

Video Link for Mobile Users

Arlasoft : Another game completed, this time it's Galaga's older brother Galaxian! All the enemy attack code has been ported directly from the arcade Z80 disassembly for added authenticity, and also includes 2-player co-op and speedrun modes. Available for free download or to play in the browser.

Links :1) Website 2) Website(Galaxian)

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