Indie Retro News - Amiga & C64 Game of The Year Award 2021 and the winners are....

For Indie Retro News 2021 was one of the busiest we've had so far of any year, with so many games being released on multiple systems at times it was hard to keep up. We had games such as Attack of the Petscii Robots, Inviyya, The Shadows of Sergoth, Turbo Sprint and Turbo Tomato on the Amiga, to Monstro Giganto, Snow Force, Briley Witch Chronicles, Scramble Infinity and Sonic The Hedgehog on the C64. Well the time has come to celebrate those games once more, as today after a month of votes being cast, we are here to announce the Indie Retro News Game of the Year 2021 for the Amiga and the C64 as voted by YOU the readers.

Yep you guessed it, the winner of the Indie Retro News Amiga Game of the Year 2021 was Inviyya, a fabulous Amiga Shoot 'Em Up that features not just 3 layer parallax scrolling and wicked music and sound effects, but also unique organic levels, multiple enemy types, bosses, special weapons, and all of this working on every existing Amiga with at least 512k Chip and any other form of 512kb extra RAM (chip, slow or fast), PAL or NTSC ( for NTSC ). (Link)

The announcement for the C64 was equally special and was certainly a battle in the polls for that top spot. But the game that won and would probably come as no surprise to those that played it, was Briley Witch Chronicles. An amazing game whereby you didn't just mix potions in your very own cauldron, but you could talk to people, watch cutscenes, spend lots of time with your pet cat, fight in a turn based combat system, traverse through hours and hours worth of gameplay and immersive yourself in a Japanese inspired RPG from such a talented game developer as Sarah Jane Avory! (Link)

Poll Note :

Now with the winners being announced I just wanted to say something in regards to the polling, for me personally I did enjoy seeing all the games being voted for and seeing all the hard work and time put into creating each and every game. But to those of you who were concerned about the security of the poll with the abuse I received on the Amiga forums, I could see every IP with a vote being cast and so many were trying to crash the poll or abuse the system by damaging the game developers or Indie Retro News. However all the VPN votes were removed, IP spoofing were deleted and similar IP's checked. So would I do a Game of the Year again? Probably not, but still it was eye opening seeing so many amazing games released in 2021 and hopeful for an equally great 2022!

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