Aztec Challenge - The first level of a game released 39 years ago reproduced in a browser! ( It's really good too! )

Another late heads up for this evening as we've not only found out about Robocop being remade as an awesome AGA edition for the Amiga, but thanks to another heads up in our Indie Retro News inbox, we've been told the classic game of 'Aztec Challenge' has been reproduced in a browser by Paolo Nicoletti; The very difficult yet highly addictive first level, which was originally released in 1983 for the C64 by Paul Norman!

Here is what Paolo Nicoletti says about his latest reproduction...

"I wanted to show you my latest effort: I reproduced in the browser, as faithfully as possible, the first level of a game released 39 years ago (1983) for Commodore 64: Aztec Challenge. The graphics are obsolete by any modern standard but the gameplay and above all the music are still excellent. With regard to music, several remakes of that hypnotic melody have been produced over time and I have included them all (asking the authors for permission). In this way it is possible to face the first level with the original theme (PAL or NTSC) in the background or with one of the other remakes.

The original game is quite difficult, I tried to smooth out this difficulty a bit without making it too easy. Will you make it to the entrance of the Temple? And what will you find inside? With a little patience, a few swearing and a few attempts, you will find out! ^ _ ^ Technically, everything was written in plain HTML / CSS seasoned with a good dose of Javascript in ECMA6 (then compiled with Webpack). The game is responsive and should (hopefully) work on any device even though IMHO it definitely performs better on Desktop.

The graphics resources were (patiently) taken from the original game as well as the music and sound effects (for these  Anton gave me a hand by hacking a snapshot of the game and by removing the music thus allowing me to record the sound effects smoothly).

Old games are a great reservoir of ideas, teachings and gameplay: I personally find them great for practicing doing something in modern programming languages. Thanks for your attention and have fun to those who will try it!

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