Zeta Wing II - Sarah Jane Avory's upcoming C64 Shoot 'em up still looks super cool!

The ex-SEGA game developer and author Sarah Jane Avory has created some fabulous C64 games throughout the last couple of years, from the amazing Soul Force, which is a hark back to the days of Gradius, Nemesis or even R-Type, to Zeta Wing; a game featuring a wicked soundtrack, smooth scrolling and LOTS of enemies to blast away all inspired by the arcade game Gemini Wing. Well here we are with another Zeta Wing II news update, as Sarah has just shown some seriously cool footage of this game that's still in development!

For those of you wanting more with this in development sequel(?), Zeta Wing II will hopefully feature lots of challenging stages, each with their own graphic style, lots of parallax scrolling, multiple weaponry upgrades, end of stage bosses, PAL and NTSC compatible, simultaneous music and sound effects, and all of this programmed, graphics, and sound by Sarah Jane Avory with hopeful publishing through Bitmap Soft!

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