Dougie Do - A brand new Arcade release for the ZX Spectrum NEXT by Robgm!

Space Invaders isn't the only game to grace our ZX Spectrum NEXT systems as another game has been released which looks equally enjoyable, and it's Robgm's new game of Dougie Do!; An arcade game in which you need to collect Diamonds throughout the many levels while avoiding enemies. To coincide this this news not only can you download the game right now, but there's also a gameplay video showing you what the game is like before you buy.

Here is what the developer says about the game via the website linked below..." After his brother ran away to the circus to collect cherries. Dougie Do decided on a more profitable career .. Diamonds.. Use Dougie to collect diamonds whilst avoiding enemies. To combat enemies, Dougie can drop bombs & rocks. Be careful though, these can also kill Dougie. Finally be aware that not all enemies are the same. Complete all 10 levels by either collecting all diamonds or by destroying all enemies via rocks". 

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