Creeping Me Out Hex Night - An upcoming Amiga platformer by Mixel gets a much improved demo!

If you loved playing games such as The Addams Family on the Amiga, then you might like this fabulous update, as thanks to the developer contacting us via twitter, we have been informed you can now download the latest improved demo of Mixel's upcoming high quality Amiga platformer of 'Creeping Me Out : Hex Night. A Scorpion Engine created Action/Adventure/Platformer that doesn't just feature complex levels, but a story, enemies and dangerous traps to keep you company.

While we did say previously that the full game will not only have hints of Turrican and a bit of Castlevania, while also feeling like an Addams Family game containing more story elements than the average Amiga action platformer. In terms of the demo update however which is a more polished version of the demo released a year ago. It now features graphical improvements across the board, a new password screen, memory requirements slightly reduced and finally a hugely improved logic with many bug fixes!

This demo is again, of the "high spec" build so has slightly odd requirements for an Amiga game.  (2MBChip, 1MBFast, probably an 020+) - watch this space for information about lower spec builds in future.

Links 1:) Website 2) Twitter

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