Randoom - A challenging yet enjoyable C64 game gets an MSX2 remake!

The retro gaming news just keeps on coming, as if the announcement of Blackest Crypt, RodMän Jr+ and Knights & Slimes wasn't enough to whet your appetite, then you might be interested to learn as of today, you can now download the latest MSX2 release of Randoom by RoboSoft Inc; an MSX2 remake of the original game created for the C64 in which we said was a very challenging yet highly enjoyable game by Picaro Games!

Chase the elusive cubes that run through the 25 screens of the game but be careful, catch only the one that is the same color or you will lose a life. You will get extra points if you chain cube captures quickly. At 100 points you will get an extra life that will help you in your goal of imprisoning all the cubes. The game features a chirpy soundtrack, challenging gameplay, different themed levels, and the ever need to beat that high score!

Links :1) Source 2) Play Online

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