Strikeback - An upcoming side scrolling shoot 'em up for the C64 by Sarah Jane Avory!

Another great news story for the C64 community as trawling through Twitter, we have just found out that Sarah Jane Avory is working on a brand new game for the C64 called 'Strikeback'. Yes indeed from the same person who brought you awesome games such as Soul Force and Briley Witch Chronicles,  will at some point very soon be releasing a side scrolling shooter in which you need to defend your country against enemy forces. 

While the game has gone through many changes including a cute version called Kitty Aid which we featured previously. In this upcoming game that some regard as "controversial", you must defend your country from enemy forces by taking off by jet and destroying both ground based vehicles, and rockets being fired at your location. So yes if it's anything like her other games, this one is sure to be another C64 hit to add to the collection!

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