This handheld printed C64 case called the "HX-64" aka the "CX-64" looks super cute!

We have featured many different types of retro cases and hardware throughout the years, from products such as the UCassette, The Future Was 8bit's SD2IEC, the Ultimate, Amiga/C64 mini's, to the C64P; a C64DTV based laptop. Well here we are with this rather interesting case for the C64 community that could turn into something special, it's the 'HX-64' aka the "CX-64"; A fully printed handheld by Jeffrey McKelvy that many are hoping will be turned into a working C64 handheld based device with a raspberry pi. To coincide with this news, here's the story from Jeffrey McKelvy which was originally posted via Facebook.

"The other day I posted a picture of my HX-64 unit.  Some people wanted more information about it, so here goes....   I contacted the guy who made a graphical version of this asking if I could purchase a copy of his digital version so that I could make one and display it in my home.  I didn't hear back from him over a two week period or so, so I decided to build one from scratch, looking at the photos he had on line".  

"Anyways, I'm sure most of you are familiar with the look of this model.  The one I made does not have the side mini cassette port.  Loading a mini cassette into the side with one reel sticking out didn't make sense to me so I omitted it.  I also left out the right side expansion port as I didn't want to over clutter the unit, and instead decided on a more minimal, cleaner look.  Also, my version is called the CX-64 (Compact Executive)".  

"I just wanted to be ironic since it obviously isn't compact and is about 11 inches long.  I'm tempted to find a mall, walk around acting like I'm actually playing on it, but I'm too lazy so I'll just stay home and enjoy it. The port section on the back is just one resin 3D printed block made to look like separate ports.  The RF port, expansion port, headphone jack and controller ports are real although not connected to anything."

 "As you can see by these photos, a raspberry pi can fit inside and a remake of this model can certainly house an LCD screen.  The issue would be that I would need to use an external controller as I am not near knowledgeable enough to incorporate built-in controls.  I did however manage to make a power light so at least that's something.  It will be displayed on my shelf behind me while I use my breadboard.  I'm happy with that.  Enjoy!".

For further discussion make sure to view the Facebook link (here)

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