Rigel Attack - A rather cool Shoot 'em up for the VIC20 by AJ Layden

We are turning back the clock even further now away from the Amiga and looking towards the Commodore VIC-20 for our gaming fix, as we've recently been informed that if you have this system, it might be worth checking out AJ Layden's game of 'Rigel Attack'; An Arcade shoot 'em up in which you not only need to destroy waves of enemy ships, but also an onslaught of asteroids. To coincide with this news (even though it's rather late) the developer has made the game available to play and requirements of a 8K expanded Commodore VIC 20!

Here is what the developer says about his game Rigel Attack. "I started this last summer using CBM prg Studio for development but stopped for a long old time  I left the SFX until near the end because I thought that's where I would get stuck.  But it turns out the VIC makes it really easy to get some good sounds with fairly little effort.  The font turned out better than I expected.  The pixels are really wide in the VIC multicolour mode but that's half the fun for me.  I'm not sure if this can surpass the LW trilogy, but I refuse to be intimidated by that incredible feat of game design and software engineering."

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