Mike Mech - A high quality Arcade C64 game you should play from LC-Games

Another news story for you all and one I think many will be playing throughout the week ahead, is the brand new release of LC-Games latest Arcade C64 platformer of 'Mike Mech'. This game according to the creator, is not only set inside a spaceship invaded by alien entities, but you must re-active all the batteries throughout the many levels that have been deactivated by the aliens necessary for the propulsion of the spaceship rockets.

Furthermore as noted by the website : Mike has no defense against aliens. The only way to complete a level is therefore to avoid them not to lose a life. Even the contact with the cooling fans, present in some rooms, is fatal. To complicate matters, there is a time limit, after which the player will lose a life. Once all the batteries in a room have been activated, the player will earn an extra score based on the amount of time left and will go to the next level of which there are 70.

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  1. Hi guys, support the developer, thanks.

  2. Hi guys, support the developer, thanks.

  3. The name in the description is wrong. It is Mike Mech, not Tech

  4. Great game! will we have a physical version?

  5. Very good Platform game. I notice LC has released a new Bagman version on Pc, why it is not reviewed on the PC section? Thanks

  6. Brilliant game. $5 to the developers.

  7. Come scaricare il gioco

    1. Devi scaricare l'emulatore


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