Shallow Domains - A brand new turn based strategy game for the C64 by Drmortalwombat

Even more C64 games to get through this week, as thanks to an early morning heads up via Saberman , we've been told that if you're looking to play something different, other than all the platformers and shoot 'em ups we've featured so far, it might be worth checking out Drmortalwombat's latest game of 'Shallow Domains'. A game that isn't just a turn based strategy, but the game is set in the year 2172 when a rogue piece of malware has infected next level machinery and it's down to you to put a stop to it!

Shallow Domains by Drmortalwombat is a turn based strategy game for the C64 that is played against an AI on a hexagonal map. The game features not just six different types of terrain, but ten different types of units with a variety of stats, movement and weapons, increased effectiveness for consistently used squads, up to 32 squads per map, 15 large maps - each providing a different challenge, battle music, a fog of war hiding areas of the map not visible to player or the AI, and much much more all playable in NTSC or PAL!

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  1. Drmortalwombat's games are all over the place genrewise ;) Very impressive. I wonder what's next!

  2. FINALLY! Strategy on the C64! And wow this looks perfect! It's just what I had hoped for!

  3. Looks like panzer general


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