Balloon Flight - Avoid the stars and walls in this C64 game from Stefan Kostic

If you love C64 games and fancy something different compared to our usual announcements for this well loved retro computer such as Platformers and Shoot 'em ups, then you'll be pleased to know as thanks to a heads by Saberman who does our videos. You can download the final version of Stefan Kostic's Balloon piloting 2018 public domain game of Balloon Flight; A game in which you must traverse the entire game without touching stars or the walls for a high score.

Here is what the nfo says about the game : Hello Balloonier and welcome to flight school. Navigate your Balloon through the treacherous skies. Avoid crashing into Stars and watch those walls. Use your Air Balloon burner to gain altitude which in turn will give you points the longer you stay in the sky. So yes if you are looking for a game that isn't a platformer or a shoot em up for your C64, then make sure to give Balloon Flight a go, you might just enjoy it!

Links :1) Source 2) Download 3) Github


  1. This would get a 10/10 in 1982

  2. Like most C64 games of old: too hard (even though this is a new title, so). Needs an easy mode for old geezers who aren't 16 anymore.


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