Shadow of the Pig - Fart your through yet another endless runner game via the MSXdev'22!

If you don't like these endless runner games then look away now, as thanks to Saberman and File Hunter contacting us just recently through Twitter, we've been told that the T-Rex(Chrome Easter Egg) and Shadow of the Beast inspiration of 'Shadow Of The Pig', has been released through the MSXdev'22 competition. A Parallax based MSX game in which playing as a PIG you need to fart your way through a Cactus filled level to lift that a curse has replaced your shadow by an evil Witch.

Here is what MSXdev'22 says about the game : "Hailing from Italy, MSX enthusiast and developer thegeps comes with a fresh offering to the ever-expanding MSXdev game library. In Shadow Of The Pig, we’ll get to perform the role of a pig that’s in quite the pickle, for his shadow has been replaced by that of a beast by an evil witch. In order to lift that curse, our hero, Farty Pig, is required to best treacherous plains littered with prickly, but also deadly cacti. But heyat least  he can propel himself quite high into the sky with the power of his gastrointestinal emissions!".

Links :1) Website 2) Play Online


  1. Well ... Crain did music & sex XD

  2. LoL anonymous. It is "SFX", try the game at "play online" link to see it with your own eyes... but yes, your joke was fun ^^
    Btw, I'm the author of SOTP (and I'm the same one who's coding Turrican for MSX, just in case it isn't clear 😉)

  3. Almost forgot. It isn't properly an endless run. The game has several levels, wich differ for enemies on screen (from 0 to 2), each enemies can have different speed, and also the scrolling speed changes in some levels. First accelerated level always hasn't enemies. There are 3 different scrolling speed...

    1. OH that sounds brilliant! Nice to have a change to all the T-Rex games we've had this week lol

  4. First of all I would like to thank Indie Retro News and Saberman for their work. Just commenting since I did not really understand the comment above by anonymous but I think the person meant Crain / Phaze101 did the music and SFX. Also thanks for TheGeps / Phaze 101 for this great game.


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