H.E.R.O. - An awesome conversion of a classic now for the VIC-20 by Kollektivet

Gamers of the 1980's will remember a fantastic game called ' H.E.R.O' which was released for the Atari 800/2600, ColecoVision, C64, C128, and Sinclair ZX Spectrum. It was a classic game which puts you in control of Roderrick Hero, on a mission to search the cave system for the trapped miners of Mount Leone. Well if you do remember it you might like this early morning heads up from Christian Dobi, as he has told us that kollektivet has released an awesome conversion of H.E.R.O for the Commodore VIC-20, a game which can now be downloaded below.

"Here is what the creator says about the game via the website : Your mission is to rescue trapped miners from underground caves. There are 20 levels to play and you will be considered a professional hero after these 20 levels. For the real hardcore players, the game ends when you reach one million points".

"The game exists in two diskette formats, but standard kernal loading is used so any Commodore DOS compatible loading device, like CMD HD or SD2IEC, should work if you copy the files inside the disk images. The game has been made with compatibility in mind. It works on both PAL or NTSC machines. However, just like the original game, NTSC gameplay runs slightly faster. This way you can experience it the way it was played back in 1984".

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  1. I love the C64, it was my first computer, but I absolutely love these VIC-20 expanded memory games that talented coders have been releasing lately. It's such a limited system and would have sold so much better if it had been designed with just a tad bit more ram. This game looks & sounds great.

    1. Actually the VIC-20 was the first computer of any description to sell one million units, so it sold really well back in the day and was a huge success for Commodore.

    2. My viewpoint is from late 1983 when I got my C64. No one I knew wanted the VIC by that time. I still think the VIC-20 had too little ram out of the gates. I've saved & restored quite a few since then and love them to death.

    3. from your viewpoint, the VIC-20 was already in market for almost 4yrs by the time you got your C=64, which has NOTHING to do with the VICs initial sales. If not for the VICs sales and consumer interest, perhaps the Commodore 64 wouldn't have ever existed. Too bad Commodore didn't expand on its success with the 64 and design the 128 to be better than it was. I mean, it's a great machine in its own right, but another 8bit machine was not the right move, with the dawn of the 16bit era already at hand.

      Kudos for keeping 8-bit alive!

  2. This is a fantastic port. Really impressed with the responsiveness of the controls.

  3. Excellent stuff! Had this been released during the vic20 days, it would have gotten rave reviews!


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