Superchase Remix - A monster hungry maze game for the Commodore 64 by JJFlash

The last game article from me today as I'm just overwhelmed with the amount of games now coming out per day, is JJFlash's brand new Commodore 64 game of 'Superchase Remix'. A new game in which you have to collect as much treasure as possible per level before the angry Monster speeds up and chases you around the maze. As ever if you're interested in seeing if the game is worth playing, Saberman has also done a video of the game viewable below.

Here's the creators description of the game " This is a maze game for the Commodore 64 where you try to collect as much treasure as possible, while the Monster of Dungeons tries to stop you! It's also hungry! You leave a trail while moving, which the Monster follows, but there are ways to make it go astray. Furthermore, Superchase Remix is called like that because I remixed three different versions of the same game that got published in Compute! magazines and books in the early '80s (the original Vic-20 version was published on October 1982, so exactly 40 years ago). The game is written in XC=BASIC 3.1, XC stands for "Cross Compiled"

Links :1) Website (Also playable online)

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