Crater Crawler - A rather nice version of Moon Patrol released for the ZX Spectrum NEXT

As we said before : In 1982-1987, Irem with licensing by Williams released the fantastically enjoyable game of' ' Moon Patrol ' for the Arcade gaming community. A side-scrolling shooter that is widely credited for the introduction of parallax scrolling in side-scrolling video games, as you drove a buggy across a landscape, jumping over ditches and rocks while also shooting at enemies both above and in front made this such a great game to play.

It was so popular in fact that many remember it on a multitude of home systems such as the Atari 800, 2600, Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, Dreamcast, Intellivision and an enhanced edition for the Atari XL/XE released in 2019 called Moon Patrol Redux. So why are we mentioning this game you might ask? Well take a look at this excellent unofficial version of Moon Patrol on the ZX Spectrum NEXT; a newly titled Crater Crawler by Kevman3D, which in itself is a far better version of Moon Patrol sporting a soundtrack, smoother framerates and generally more pleasing on the eye using Parallax scrolling effects!

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  1. The Atari 800 homebrew was one of the best ports I have ever seen. This is a much more complex system to port to but it looks decent.

  2. Also, a nice demo version of Lunar Patrol was released for the Atari 7800 console by OldStyle last month over @ AtariAge:

  3. This game shows what is capable on the Next when using BASIC only. The game is written in NextBASIC only.


    Fun facts. The game runs much faster on real HW, even to the point of being very unplayable. The author debugged it under an emulator that runs slower. So a correction will be necessary. Otherwise admirable performance for a BASIC intepreter and even bigger things are in the pipeline.

    1. Author:

      Kevin Phillips

      "If anybody needs to, there's a 1.1 update there - not a lot of stuff, just a pile of 'options' to do a little reconfiguration of settings for number bullets, jumps, etc to fine-tune the gameplay.
      And if you want to re-layout the levels yourselves (add more alien attacks, build super-impossible crater sequences to frustrate your friends, etc), the data is on lines 9000 onwards. Page 46 in the PDF explains the way it all works. Pretty much like a construction kit of 'parts'."


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