Pinball Dreams 2 - Tukinem's upcoming Blitz 2 port of Pinball Dreams 2 for the Amiga gets an update!

As we said before, either you're at home or out with a laptop, the best thing about Pinball is anyone can pick up and play. From very young Children to grown Adults, Pinball has always been such a joy to play by so many people across the world. Well here's a treat for anyone that has a Commodore Amiga and loves Pinball, as we have just found out through Saberman, that Tukinem's upcoming Blitz 2 port of Pinball Dreams 2 for the Amiga, has just got a new work in progress update.

Although Pinball Dreams 2 was released in 1994 by 21st Century Entertainment, as an alternate PC sequel, unlike the Amiga version of Pinball Dreams which was developed by Digital Illusions however, Pinball dreams 2 was developed by Spidersoft. It included four tables: Neptune, themed to underwater exploration, Safari, themed to an African safari, Revenge of the Robot Warriors, themed to a battle against robots and Stall turn, themed to aerobatics. For those of you who want to know what's improved in this new update, it has improvements such as better physics, a start screen, table 3 selection and other changes listed below.

  • - starting animation of tables when choosing players ( 3 table blinks as in the original )
  • - the "ZAP" inscription can be lit when the ball flies under the letters and after all the letters are lit, the bonus lamps at the very top ( x2, x4 etc. )
  • - you can slowly earn points in several places
  • - we have 3 balls to start, but there is no game over for the player after losing all balls
  • - you can choose one player for now during table animation ( F1 )

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  1. See it is still possible to make 16bit looking games on the Amiga, even in Blitz Basic.

    1. Well there you go then. You can play this and stop whining about games that don't meant your aesthetic standards...

  2. Hmm although maybe an ok port, the ball physics still look sub par to me when you watch the video clip. Player can't even get the ball up through the top left and then the ball disappears at the bottom on one of the bottom left hand sections where it should stay inside and instead goes all the way through the bottom losing the ball. Less said on the music/sfx too although no Olof G on this one as it was a pc version.

  3. That ball physic looks sadly terrible at the moment. But i hope u can improve that. Thank u anyway for trying it

  4. It is very good for an experimental project, but even the original title is not a masterpiece in the 21st Centuries' Pinball product line.

  5. Looks promising, but a lot of work needs to be done to make this enjoy playable.

  6. The best pinball on the Amiga is Slamtilt. Even if other Amiga pinball games are good, they are pretty lacking when it comes to satisfaction of playing Slamtilt. And I played dozens of pinball games on other platforms and even more capable hardware couldn't beat it. Only two I really liked was Worms Pinball on PSX and Psycho Pinball on SEGA MD/Genesis. Instead of porting very average Pinball Dreams 2 from the PC I would like somebody create new game built upon Slamtilt's engine. That would be awesome.


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