SPACE ZOT - First place winner in the Atari ST STE games competition at the SillyVenture Summer Edition 2023!

Another heads up and surprisingly it's an Atari ST news story, as thanks to Saberman and Tom who were kind enough to contact us this week, that they have told us that Electric Dreams has made available their latest Arcade blaster of SPACE ZOT. An Atari STE game which won first place in the Atari STE games competition at the SillyVenture Summer Edition 2023! To coincide with this news, you can check out the latest footage of the game which as ever can be viewed below.

Here is what the website says about the game "The hour is grave! A cargo ship has just lost its precious cargo of Space Zot beers in an asteroid belt. We can't let all this incredible beer get lost in space, so you jump in your ship to go and recover as much as you can! That's the sales pitch in the advertising brochure for the Space Zot arcade terminal, which was a huge success in its day. Unfortunately, arcade terminals are nowhere to be found... Except on the planet World's End, in the bar of the same name. In the Schrödinger system. You can find all this, and much more, in COSMOS CHRONICLES, the incredible game by my friend Dr Floyd, available by following the link : COSMOS CHRONICLES"

Credits :

  •     Dr Floyd for the original idea
  •     Papy CPC for the graphics
  •     DMA-SC for the music
  •     Shaoth, myself for the code

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  1. Cute, but I already see a flaw, if you just collect the beers, your score will be highest - anyway love the soundtrack

  2. To the Italian commenter above. Please comment on the game, not the worthiness of a system to receive a game. If platform specs were the only reason for making a game, then there would be no retro games at all.
    Your comment sounds like it is coming for a child. Grow up.

    My comment on the game. I love it and want to see more games coming to the ST and STE


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