The Return of Traxtor - A great 8bit game by Juan J. Martinez gets an MS-DOS conversion!

It feels like it was only just yesterday that we had the pleasure of playing Juan J. Martínez's rather enjoyable Match 3 puzzle game of The Return of Traxtor: a game that was released for the Amstrad CPC and ZX Spectrum a few years ago. Well if you remember playing this game back then, you'll be pleased to know that we have been told by the creator, that it has been converted over to MS-DOS! A  game in which you must match 3 coloured shapes and objects to obtain a high score using a special space ship! 

This is what was said in our inbox. "I released a new game for DOS, this time targeting "the first age of DOS games", specifically the original IBM PC/XT with CGA. My first PC was an Olivetti Prodest PC1 from this age, 512K of RAM, 8086 compatible CPU, CGA 4 colors, and PC speaker! So for this game I wanted to make a game that felt like those early DOS games I enjoyed back then; even the binary is a COM file. Like "Gold Mine Run!", this is not a big game, and is a conversion of my "Return of Traxtor" that I released for the ZX Spectrum and the Amstrad CPC a few years ago".

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  1. Wow, cool. Good 'ol IBM PC just doesn't get as much love as other retro PCs.


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