Mega R-Type DEMO - R-Type for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis? HELL YEH!

In 1987 Irem produced one of the greatest shoot em ups of our time, a shoot em up that even today is regarded as one of the best. That shoot em up was none other than R-Type! It featured many waves of enemies some of them extremely deadly, a beam weapon, power ups, great level detail (that almost feels alive), big menacing bosses and a fantastic soundtrack that you will listen to again and again. As such I myself have spent many hours playing this game, more so on the Amiga than the Amstrad. But never would I believe, that this year, thanks to a heads up by a good friend of ours, that R-Type would appear on the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis... Well here we are!

Here's the latest from the itch io page. "A fight 36 years in the making, finally on your Mega Drive /Genesis. Fly R-9 through eight exciting levels of high-powered action. Use your plasma gun to rip through armies of nasty creatures and their deadly machines. And when the going gets really tough, pick up Droid Units to make your ship even harder hitting. You'll be up against creatures so mean and ugly they'll make your hair stand on end. But Earth is depending on you. So strap yourself in the cockpit, put your fingers on the triggers, and blast 'em out of the skies!".

This DEMO features:

  • 3 Stages
  • Arcade and Remixed Soundtracks 
  • 2 Difficulty levels
  • Music Player
  • Tons of Mega Options
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  1. I've played this, it's fantastic - plays great, looks great and options wise it's by far the best R-Type of that gen. Strongly recommend everyone plays this and checks it out!

  2. Great Port! Really on par with the fantastic pc-engine One!! And it's already out the demo of "ZPF",another fantastic shooter for mega drive!

  3. I am surprised it wasn't made for the Megadrive back then.

  4. when will the full version come out ?

  5. So exciting!! Amazing to see such a superb port of a.classic given a kings treatment!


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