Tower of Evil - A 1980's top down action game arrives on the Commodore 64

Another Commodore 64 port to grace our home computer screens and mentioned by Excess, is the Commodore 16, Plus/4, ZX Spectrum and VIC 20 game of Tower of Evil. A top down action game which was first released from 1984 to 1985 and published by Creative Sparks. A game in which you play the role of Andros who was banished years ago by King Salimos and can only return when he rescues the kidnapped Princess Diana and finds the King's lost treasure taken by an evil Necromancer!

C64 port by artlace/rebels

Here's MobyGames excellent write up about Tower of Evil. "You have journeyed to the Tower of Evil to retrieve the stolen treasure and Princess Diana. Starting on the ground floor, you must search the rooms looking for treasure and a key to use a magic stairway to move up a floor to finally reach the seventh floor where the Princess is. Occupying each floor are various creatures that need to be avoided or shot with fireballs from your fingertips and if you touch a creature then you lose one of five lives but a goblet will give you invincibility for a limited time. Once you reach the seventh floor you must find a chest to place the treasure in before finding and rescuing the Princess who will disappear and you have to start the whole quest again."

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  1. You can play this game online:

  2. Looks fairly interesting. Seems most games that didn't receive a port to a particular system are getting one these days haha

  3. A fun little game, but a bit too much on the easy side (and I have been b*tching about new C64 games being too hard...). Reminds me a bit of Crystals of Zong, although much simpler, even if it came out 1-2 years later.


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