Spelunky64 - Another Paul Koller C64 port in the works and it looks GOOD!

A little known fact about Christmas... Just as Santa is travelling around on his sleigh dishing out presents.. Paul Koller's elves were stalking the Earth installing extra ram and cpu clock speed into everyone's C64s while you're asleep.  There can't be any other reason Paul Kollers' infamous ports function on a 36 year old 8 bit microcomputer!  If you need proof just check out Super Bread Box, Micro Hexagon, C64nabalt and the recent phenomenal LuftrauserZ (RGCD).

Judging by these tweets last week, the engine to his next game (a port of 2008's) Spelunky looks like it won't be any exception. As thanks to a heads up by the creator, he has teased the newest of trailers for the upcoming Commodore 64 port of 'Spelunky': an action/puzzle platform game, where you play as the Spelunker who must explore tombs and other locations looking for treasure, (and love!) avoiding traps, blowing up scenery and enemies while escaping with as much loot as possible.

  • Code by Paul Koller
  • Music and sfx by Mikkel Hastrup
  • Game will be available soon

Links :1) Twitter 


  1. Wow. There is something in these ports that I like them equally or even more then originals :/

  2. Søren Trautner Madsen19 December 2023 at 06:42

    Spelunky - one of the best games in the world - and this looks like it could become one of the best c64 ports ever!

  3. Good to hear this port is still in the works!

  4. This will be extremely interesting. It certainly has the potential to be one of the best C64 games ever.

  5. I love it when people tackle these games. This, Limbo etc all look great.

    1. Yes Limbo, due for a release in 2024

    2. You're just making that up...

  6. Wow! There's only one game that I've played more than Spelunky on Steam and that's Spelunky 2. Coming to my favorite vintage computer! I'm excited!

  7. Oh wow!!! I love the demakes we get.

    Meat Boy & Binding of Isaac on Speccy are incredible. One of the Speccy Super Mario Bros games, with scrolling, blew my mind - a world away from anything we got back in the day.


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