The Bark - A ZX Spectrum game mod of The Dark Lost Pages by (Oleg Origin)/ZOSYA entertainment

In 2021 we featured a stunning remaster of a classic game called 'The Dark'; A game originally developed by Oleg Origin back in 1997, which at the time we said was a rather unique ZX Spectrum first person shooter, that has similarities to the retro PC game of Quake. Well if you had played the game and The Dark: Lost Pages Redux by ZOSYA entertainment, then as of today you can play the newest of releases for the ZX Spectrum called The Bark: A game mod of The Dark Lost Pages which is featured in this video below.

Here's what the video says about the game." Mod to The Dark: Lost Pages. Gameplay and level maps are exactly the same as in the original game. Prologue excluded.  As long as cats and dogs exist, there is also endless enmity between them. Xandra is one of the warriors, and is driven by, among other things, a thirst for blood revenge. Having passed a series of trials, fighting her enemies and their allies, she must enter her name in the book of the history of this great war". 

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  1. Fantastic! I love The Dark. I purchased the box edition from Zosya which is a masterpiece. The manual is made in the style of medieval manuscripts, handmade and painted, a really beautiful collector's item (I own almost all games from Zosya boxed, as they feature fantastic production values and come with great extras - a shame it isn't possible to order games from them at the moment). I almost managed to beat the game but that burning monsters near the end of the game always killed me. I'll definitely give this mod a try.

  2. Looks fun, though the noises will drive me nuts! Also a very cool title screen! Like a Khajiit going to war! :3

  3. Zosya are the greatest Spectrum developers of all time. I wish they would create a scrolling Super Mario Bros style platformer (NOT a maze style Spectrum platformer) which is possible going by the fantastic SMB port Speccy has. Would love to see a truly great console style platformer on Spectrum, with all of the Zosya graphical flair.


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