Hyperborea Resurrected - An eye candy bullet hell shooter gets another stock A1200 tease

It was only just the other week that we gave you the heads up about Hyperborea Resurrected; an upcoming Amiga game from GoldenCode which is classed as a bullet hell shooter that requires at least a stock A1200 or above. Well if you're looking for some more news about this eye candy game, then we have just found out through the EAB forums, that the creator has teased a new video showing even more bullet spread, muzzle flash and much much more. 

For those of you who missed our previous article, here's what Daytona675x said on the EAB forums. "Some years ago Torben B. Larsen from Cope-Com, the graphician and designer of titles like Hybris and Battle Squadron, and I decided to team up to make a new shmup. I quickly came up with some prototype code and Torben drew quite a lot of gfx for the first level. Unfortunately real life kicked in and so the project went into hibernation - until recently. My nephew Tom had to do a two weeks school internship and he had asked me if he can do it at my place. Sure thing" 

"Of course I wanted to show him how to code games for the Amiga. Hm, well, Souverän Soccer wasn't well suited for that task - much too complex and big and everything. Eventually I decided to resurrect Torbens and mine project "Hyperborea" The internship began end of october and some days before I had written down a new design plan for that game. I trashed everything of the old code and started from scratch. Well, not exactly. Some helper functions from Souverän Soccer were copied over, of course "

"When the internship ended we had an intro-screen, main menu, highscore management, a scrolling tilemap, music, explosions, players and player-weapons. And Tom knows quite a lot about sprites, blitter, registers, multiplexing and bug-hunting  Anyway, the next ~ 4-6 weeks I spent tweaking and adding all the missing parts. And this is the result shown in the video above":

What's new:

-spread shot

  • Fully loaded  Each player can now throw up to 36 laser-streaks on the enemies.

-muzzle flash

  • Because it looks cool and somewhat distracts from hard hw-sprite switches 

-collision handling player vs. bullets and floating enemies

  • As I said: no measurable performance hit 

-smart bomb

  • The cheapest effect I could think of, but good enough I guess. In the video it's triggered in form of a typical Danmaku novice auto-bomb: if you're about to die it will be activated automatically, unless your bomb stock is empty, of course. While the bomb is active, enemy hitpoints are constantly drained, bullets are canceled and you're invulnerable. Note: for the video I always keep the 2nd player's bomb stock at 0. This is simply because otherwise it would constantly bomb if hit and make the video much less interesting :P

-removed dummy test explosions on enemy hit

  • Instead a dedicated hit sound is played. Maybe I'll add some sparks later.

-optional bullet canceling on enemy hit

  • Another typical Danmaku feature which usually applies to somewhat bigger enemies: when the enemy is destroyed then all of the bullets that were spawned by it are canceled. The good old Battle-Squadron boss uses that feature now.

-extremely optimized player-shots vs. enemies algorithm

  • As you can probably imagine, testing up to 72 player shots against a swarm of enemies kills performance if done the obvious way.

-optional craters for ground enemies and test turrets

  • Those craters got their own dedicated rendering system.

-Some well-known floating popcorn enemies 

And that's everything that was said about this latest update, but for further information either check the thread (HERE), or wait until we do a more in-depth write up nearer to release.


  1. battle squadron vibes are pleasing to me :D

  2. Looking good, but I’m not sure about the re-use of battle squadron assets;)

    1. It's the same artist and its told that those are placeholders, so why not.

  3. Looks insanely good!

  4. Not a fan of the painted-over Battle Squadron graphics. Wish they were more unique.

    1. It's wip and this are placeholders, simple as that.

  5. awesome. BSquardon is one of the best if not the best shumps for A500.

  6. So totally greats! Looks fab!

  7. Would be more interesting if this is RTG than AGA - there is more RTG platforms now than all AGA Amiga's thanks to PiStorms and Vampires :)


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