Night Mission Pinball Extended - 1983 pinball game by Sublogic gets an overhaul on the C64 by Extend!

Bit of a late story this one, but well worth a mention! As we've just found out looking through the CSdb website, that Extend has released an overhauled Commodore 64 version of the 1982/3 game Night Mission Pinball. A game that was originally released for the Apple II, Atari 8-bit, IBM PC and yes even the Commodore 64. To coincide with this news, we've got some footage of the game showing the new loader, graphics and so much more!

Here's the blurb about the game from the wikipedia page. "Night Mission Pinball (originally released as A2-PB1 Pinball: Night Mission) is a pinball simulation video game published by Sublogic in 1982. Night Mission Pinball simulates a pinball machine. Players can tweak dozens of settings in the simulator, including the number of balls in play, velocity of the balls, strength of the flippers, sensitivity to tilting, bounciness of the surfaces, and gravitational force exerted on the balls. Up to four players can compete for a high score. The Atari version uses high resolution monochrome graphics".

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  1. Why is there no content from the game engine itself, just the eyecandy? Seems like the video misses out on the important part.

    1. Video has been updated since your comment. First video was from a user I don't usually use. So Saberman provided a new one :D

  2. I played this on my Apple //c back then. :D

  3. Great! Very nice and spectacular !

  4. Looks so good, but I just can't get the keyboard to work once the game starts on a real C128 with Kung Fu Flash cartridge, from which I'm loading it. It's probably because the game supports C128 natively, and KFF is booting it into a C64 mode which somehow messes things up. The game starts fine and I can see the table where everything flashes nicely, but it simply does not register any keys I'm pressing (most notably a Q key to insert coin). Original old C64 version of the game works perfectly on this same setup.


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