Goldorak - A kick ass Shoot 'em up by Zisquier for the Amstrad CPC plus and GX4000!

Amstrad GX4000 owners might like this latest news story that's just been sent to us by Saberman, as if you're looking for a new Shoot em up to play, then Zisquier has you covered with his brand new Amstrad Plus and GX4000 game called 'Goldorak'; a new game which is a nod to the classic anime of Grendizer; a TV anime series produced by Dynamic Productions and animated by Toei Animation airing October 5, 1975 to February 27,1977. In light of this news, Saberman has also done a new video of the game in action .

And here's the latest from the cpcwiki forums. "Its development, somewhat sporadic, has certainly experienced as many phases of latency as accelerations. But our valiant programmer, our talented musician and your servant never stopped working and believing in him. Today, we are as proud as we are happy to announce that Goldorak is finally arriving on GX4000 and Amstrad Plus!"

"With a cartridge so jam-packed with colorful pixels, electronic notes and compiled data that we were even forced to make numerous compromises and difficult choices to fit in as much as possible, we are today very happy to finally be able to offer a 64 KB compatible shoot'em up. We hope that you will enjoy this little game for which we have shown all our affection for the famous cartoon from our childhood, as well as for the unloved Amstrad console".

"With this adaptation, we nourished the hope of producing the most effective shoot'em up on the crocodile console, while trying not to betray the philosophy and the very essence of our favorite anime. We sincerely hope that we have accomplished this mission, even if it is the players who will ultimately judge it. Now all we have to do is entrust our baby to the Amstrad community, in the hope that they will welcome him with interest and kindness. The CPR is now available on the official project webpage:"

"Have a good game everyone and good luck facing Vega's forces!"

"The Earth has never needed you so much!"

  • GFX : Eric 'Titan' Cubizolle
  • Music : Johan 'Pulsophonic'
  • Code : Thomas 'Zisquier' Bressel

Links :1) Source 2) Forum


  1. News story updated with detailed info from the cpc wiki forums :)

  2. Fantastic game! Also, there is a downloadable version for Thomson TO8, machine even less discussed that CPC+.

  3. This would be even better with just the flying robot, without the spaceship attachment.

    1. The sapaceship attachment is from the source material. Search arround for "UFO Robot Grendizer 1975". Its quite fun.

  4. Hello ! Correction d'un gros gros bug sur 6128+ voici la dernière version 3.2.4 :
    ps (surveillez de temps à autre si y'a de nouvelles versions, vraiment désolé pour ces bugs chiants :/ )

  5. New version, fix errors on real machines :

  6. Hello I don't know why but I use the recommended emulator but the game won't load when I drag the image over the emulator.It shows the introduction image but doesn't run the game. I use Ace Dl

  7. Le jeu saccade sur Winape c'est une horreur, sous l'émulateur préconisé ACE, le panneau de contrôle n'a pas les bonnes couleurs et cela fait bouilli de pixels. J'attends une mise à jour qui fonctionne, peut-être que le jeu est sorti un peu précipitamment c'est dommage


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