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Realms of Arkania - HD RPG Remake

Hot off the press, a HD remake of the fantastic all time classic Realms of Arkania - Blade of Destiny is being developed. This title is being Developed by Austrian developer Crafty Games, and is a one-to-one remake of the 1992 original.

Realms of Arkania was one of the most successful German RPG’s of the 1990’s. As this is going to be a HD remake, you will be able to return to Thorwal, one of the oldest cities of Aventurien. As the developer states - Make sure your wits are sharpened before walking down the small alleys of Thorwal and Prem, and prepare to stop the Orcisch threat while creating a mighty alliance between nations.

Check out the original graphics of this classic RPG game :)

As of now there is no certified release date, although rumours of a release in Q2/13. We will let you know more as and when we get more information.

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