Sid Meier's Civilization Beyond Earth - Hot News : Alpha Centauri sequel? Announced! Now with a trailer!

Probably the biggest news of the week has just hit the Indie Retro News HQ as Sid Meier is back with a new Alpha Centauri (1999), one of the greatest sci-fi turn based strategy games I've ever played. Sid Meier's Civilization Beyond Earth as it's titled, will not be a simple remake of Alpha Centauri but rather a "what would happen after Civilization V" (according to the devs). There will also be 3 types of planets from lush vegetation to airy decaying worlds. You will start with an Outpost and your only goal will be to survive! Are you alone on this world? Will you build cities upon the lush or decaying landscape? Will this be as good as the original? Who knows, but I'm sure many of us will be waiting for even more news on Beyond Earth!
Release date : Late 2014 Systems : PC, Mac, Linux - UPDATE : On further investigation, it seems as if this isn't a direct sequel, but the concept will be very similar, a representation of Civilization, but in space. UPDATE 2:  New Trailer!

(There will be orbital devices)

- Find proof of existence of an ancient life on the planet and try to make a first contact,
- Resume contact with Earth by deploying a satellite,
- Return to Earth (if you find out it still exists),
- Host Terran refugee on your new planet.

-Thanks Jeuxvideopc for the heads up


thug said...

stop advertising your shitty website on OCUK

Tom said...

YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!! Thanks for the news, orgasm :D

derpatron5000 said...


09127 said...

I hope it comes on GOG!


Make sure to check the update! I'd hate to see a world wide panic ;)


As do I, one of my favourite places for buying Indie and Retro games!


Agreed :D

Mark Britten said...

Could be pretty cool. I'll certainly keep an eye on this.


Same as! If only it was Fall 2014 now !

TigerClaw said...

Finally, the gods have listened

TigerClaw said...

By the way keep up the good work with the site even though I don't comment much

Serpentile said...

Yay! More stuff to pre-order.

Sean said...

Finally! I've been waiting for so long. :) So will I be playing as Zak and will I meet Aki and Deidre? :D

Illisia Adams said...

I am very, very excited about this! BUT it is NOT a sequel to Alpha Centuri. Not officially. Alpha Centuri is seperate to the Civilization franchise.


It says that pretty clearly in the description : On further investigation, it seems as if this isn't a direct sequel, but the concept will be very similar

Bane said...

There is a now a Firaxis webpage for Beyond Earth. Four links for info, screenshots, trailer, forums.

Illisia Adams said...

Ah, yes, I see in the "UPDATE" now.

I am glad Sid Meier is involved. When I first heard there was a new "Alpha Centuri-esque" Civilization game I was not impressed, but since he is writing it, count me in! :-D

skye_marie said...

Keeps it going and I’ll keep coming back and for the record I’ll share your page to some of my friends.

jim spider said...


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