The Conquest Bundle from the Bundle Stars - 12 conquering games for a great price!

Here we are again with yet another awesome bundle from the Bundle Stars, and this time it's The Conquest Bundle, featuring 12 conquering Steam games for only £3.59. Bundle Stars are fast becoming the most popular bundlers, as every week we are teased with yet more fantastic games! The list of games in this bundle is as follows : Call of Juarez, A Game of Dwarves, King Arthur II,  American Conquest, Incoming Forces, Cossacks, Cossacks II, 99 Levels to Hell, Xpand Rally Xtreme, Ballpoint Universe, Hyper Fighters and Lucious.  Such a great deal, and if you want my recommendation, check out King Arthur, which can only be described as a fantasy Total War!

Available to buy here save $110!

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