Tormentum - A highly detailed dark adventure game gets a demo

Even though I'm currently roasting with the heat it was great to hear from OhNooStudio's, that they have just released a demo for Tormentum. A recent Steam Greenlight success, Tormentum is an adventure game full of incredible artwork, great character designs, well thought out puzzles, a dark story and a dreamlike atmosphere all in that H.R.Giger like experience.

Even though the game is a Steam Greenlight success, the developers are still running an Indiegogo campaign and with only 15 days left, they need a good push to reach that goal. So with all that said and done, go play the demo, as it's dark and creepy and full of art awesomeness!

Oh and don't forget to pledge :)

Windows, English, 48 MB
OS X, English, 41 MB

Windows, Polish, 48 MB
OS X, Polish, 41 MB

PC, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices

Steam Greenlight ( Success )

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