Cyber-Chicken - Arcade shooter for the CPC - Disk and Tape available!

TFM of cpcwiki has just sent me a message to check out the 2013 Amstrad CPC game Cyber-Chicken, that looks to be a fine arcade shooter filled with space chickens! Developed by Marco Sowa, you play as a defender of Earth in a mission to stop the cyber chickens which are once again threatening our home planet. 

Featuring awesome 8-bit pixel-scrolling graphics, more than 45 sprites on the screen, up to 50fps 3D graphics (128 KB version), options for colour-adjustment, sound, gfx and gameplay and fully optimized for Amstrad CPC, this is one damn fine Amstrad clucking release!

Available with a lovely box cover in both disk and tape format for 15 euro tape and 17 euro disk!


  1. Reminds me a bit of the Chicken Invaders series from InterAction Studios

  2. WoW! Great game, a real technical achievement! But sadly sold out.

  3. INDIERETRONEWS9 April 2015 at 22:15

    I wish I'd purchased the full package now


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