Dizzy's Poker Night - EgoTrip's first DizzyAGE game now available!

It has been some time since we've featured a new fan based Dizzy game, so when Adam on our Dizzy Facebook group gave Dizzy's Poker Night a mention, we just had to feature it! So here it is, Dizzy's Poker Night, EgoTrip's very first DizzyAGE game and one I'm sure you'll enjoy.

According to EgoTrip in this latest Dizzy game, it's the day before Daisy's birthday and thanks to all your adventuring you have no money. As Dizzy is a clever little egg, he decides to have a poker night to win enough money, so throughout this lovely little adventure you must raise enough money to enter and win the tournament, just watch out for creepy spiders!

At just over 5mb and completely free, it's just another cool Dizzy game to add to your Dizzy collection

Available HERE

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