24 Killers - Flash minigame concept goes full-desktop with greenlight and kickstarter

Ever since doodle jump made it big, quirky, hand-drawn games have been getting a lot of love, and Todd Luke's catalogue of games certainly excel at that. In 2013, Todd made a quick flash game for the '13 7 Day Roguelike Challenge which was a sort of clue-like (or cluedo depending on what part of the world you hail from) but with monsters instead of Prof. Plum. Well now he's expanded on that and is turning it into a full blown adventure game, 24 Killers.

In the original flash game, you had a pack of 24 monsters and all you could do was either question or accuse them to determine which was the 'killer'. Now, it seems, the questioning takes place over an entire town of locations, and with more actions and lines of questioning to follow.

The hand drawn style choice can sometimes backfire on a game but in some rare instances it lends to the game's charm and from the gameplay videos, this definitely seems to fall into the latter camp. Far from being a modern day Top Banana, the monsters are full of character and I love the settings shown in the trailer.

Of course open world mystery solving games aren't everyone's cup of tea but if you were a fan of adventure games like Sam and Max hit the road, this will probably be right up your street.

- Immerse yourself in a community of over 50 unique monsters, each with their own story.
- No killing. The 24 Killers aren't who you think they are.
- Collect and wear 48 different monster costumes. Some may have special properties and events tied to them. Oh?
- An eclectic soundtrack that ranges from acoustic heart wrenchers, to electro lullabys, to spaced out hip-hop instrumentals.
- A whole town to interact with and explore. Curiousity will serve you well.

So go give it your vote on Steam Greenlight
or even back it on Kickstarter.

-Alistair Brugsch

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