GunWorld - An action love letter to the 8-bit era gets a Kickstarter & Steam Greenlight Campaign

The era of the 8-bit certainly isn't dead as another game has just taken center stage, and that game is "GunWorld" that's currently going through a Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaign. Developed by M07games, Gunworld is an action packed game, full of platforming, diverse weaponry, enemies and big bosses as you complete a series of levels in any order you so wish.

With the graphical quality of a NES style title, this action blasting game has one of the strangest stories I think I've come across so far. As according to the developers, GunWorld is based on a world where guns grow on tree's and one day a large alien vessel crashes and the guns begin to dry up and rot. It's down to you to face the dangers of the world on a quest to restore the power plants "GunMothers" and save the world from the alien invaders.

With a bonkers story and a game looking as 8-bit retrotasticly awesome as this, I'll be sure to throw my 8-bit coins at this Kickstarter campaign!

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